Avaz Candles offers luxury candle staging that delivers a beautiful glow, the ultimate finishing touch to your event. Enhance the ambience of your space with beautiful and natural empowered candles. Our candles are made from 100% natural wax granules, derived from sustainable sources. The wood wicks are made of renewable bamboo and cotton. 

Illuminate Your Senses

Enhance Your Home Decor

Avaz Candles are made from all natural plant based ingredients, our beaded wax sand candle produces minimal to zero soot and is also un-scented for those with sensitivity to strong scents or smoke. Our unique beaded sand wax is 100% plant based and customizable. Our mesmerizing colors will transform any event or home into a cozy, inviting haven. Shop now and discover the perfect candle for you!


Illuminate Your Next Event

If you want the ultimate finishing touch to your event, look no further. Our candles are far from the traditional candle, adding a modern and sleek look to each event. Inquire now to learn more about having Avaz at your next event!




The highest quality candles you can find

Traditional candles often come in non-recyclable packaging and can leave behind wax drippings, which can be difficult to clean up and dispose of. Avaz Candles, on the other hand, are made with 100% plant based materials and come in reusable & biodegradable packaging. This makes them a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious choice.


Candles that are crafted to perfection

Our candles are mess-free and do not leave behind any wax drippings, simply remove the melted wax after it cools, insert a fresh wick and your candle is all brand new again making our candles easier to use and maintain. This can be especially beneficial in homes with young children or pets, as there is lower risk and wax spills as our wax can self extinguish when tipped over. 


Some nights are better than other nights because you light up our candles.



Eco-Friendly Clean Burn

Natural Plant Based Wax, No Parafin, No Soy. Only Savings And Beauty

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Send Us Your Empty 16oz Box and Well Fill it back Up! Try A New Color or Scent!

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I am obsessed with their candles! This is such an innovative and fun way to decorate around the house or for an event. I love that it’s plant based, clean, classy and lasts. 100% recommend!


I recently tried the Avaz Candles 16oz Beaded Wax Sand Candle, and I have to say, I am absolutely in love! Avaz Candles is perfect for creating a peaceful and calming atmosphere in my home. The Beaded Wax Sand Candle design adds a beautiful touch to my perfect vase, and the wicks make lighting the candle a breeze. The 16oz size is just right for creating a cozy ambiance without taking up too much space. I can't recommend this candle enough for anyone looking for a sweet and personal touch to their home. I ordered a few so I could have enough for my set of vases and now my dinner table looks more romantic than ever!!


Super fast shipping, great packaging and most importantly great price for such an item. I bought two and read the directions on how to use them before lighting them. I let them burn for a minimum of 5 hours and they have burned perfectly doing this method. I have gotten the most out of these candles. Highly recommend.


Great product! Great idea for gift! Great item to use for decoration of any event!


Great product! Great idea for gift! Great item to use for decoration of any event!

- Janet